St Peter Julian’s Church

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Location: St Peter Julian’s Church
Time: 11:00am, Monday 5th June, 2017

This is one of the most modern Catholic churches in Sydney with a major refurbishment being finished in 2008. Finishes included timber parquetry floors, dark stained glass windows running the length of the ceiling and plaster walls throughout the main floor space. A stained timber vaulted ceiling started wide upon entry and then curved in toward a large plaster dome above the altar.


Figure 1. Looking from the back right hand side of the church toward the altar.

The church had a number of of the congregation present, engaging in acts of prayer, lighting candles and low level talking. Exterior sound such as traffic, pedestrians and road works could be heard within the worship space. Background noise was measured and was found to have a high concentration of low frequency energy with very little high frequency excitation.


Figure 2. Continuous noise levels showing a build up of energy in the low frequency bands. As the doors were being opened traffic noise was intruding.

Exponential sine sweep impulse responses were measured across the rear and middle of the church with the results showing a roll off in high frequencies (figure 3).  Subjectively the reverberation was not as bright as other venues visited and the results shown in figure 4 support this.


Figure 3. High frequency roll off was measured at each impulse response position.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 9.41.39 pm

Figure 4. Reverberation was measured and was found to be longest in the low to mid frequency range. The absorptive characteristics of carpet walkways and cushioned chairs helped to dampen high frequency reflections.

A series of binaural recordings were recorded from the left and right hand side of the church and from the middle. There is a lot of activity that can be heard throughout the recordings along with exterior traffic noise.

Scene 1 – Rear right of the church looking to the altar

Scene 2 – Rear left of the church looking to the altar

Scene 3 – Middle of the church looking to the altar


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