The Baha’i Temple

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Location: The Baha’i Temple
Time: 8:00am, Monday 5th June, 2017

A nine sided temple, one of only seven such structures in the world, the Baha’i house of worship is truly a unique architectural masterpiece. Laid out over three stories, the whitewashed concrete exterior cuts a bright shape against the backdrop of dense rainforest. The interior is finished in exposed aggregate with dark brown tiles under foot. The domed roof sits 38 metres above with floor to ceiling metal lattice windows and doors. Furnishings are minimal with open back wooden chairs the main element of diffusion at ground level.

Figure 1. Standing in the centre of the temple looking toward the front. 

Proximity to a main vehicular traffic route meant that the drone of traffic could often be heard, however at the time of visiting the sounds of nature, wind and birds, were the dominant feature of subjective listening. A continuous background noise recording, shown in figure 2, and frequency content in figure 3, gives an indication of the relative spectral energy levels and frequency response within the building.

Background Noise

Figure 2. Background noise levels show there was a significant amount of low frequency activity, predominantly caused by traffic and light aircraft.


Figure 3. The frequency response shows that high frequencies are supported, most likely due to the very reflective nature of the interior.

Impulse responses were recorded using three exponential sine sweeps at three locations across the floors pace. Reverb time was quite long, surprisingly so given the volume of the space was a lot smaller than other venues. Figure 4 shows the reverberation across octave bands.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 9.50.45 pm

Figure 4. Reverberation time was significantly longer at lower frequencies.

Binaural recordings were made at the rear, centre and side of the temple. Wildlife can be heard and the sound of traffic echoing through the nonagon architectural structure makes for some very interesting drone like textures.

Scene 1 – Rear of the temple looking toward the centre

Scene 2 – Middle of the temple

Scene 3 – Side of the temple looking toward the centre


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